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Hi! We’re Black Pelican Tattoo

We are artists who have decades of experience as professional artists from Idaho Falls, Utah and Nevada – and we have come together to create a strong shop of mutual minded energy, creativity, artistry and mega talent. We are bonded together like family and it shows in our artwork and our service. Come in and collaborate something amazing with the artists for you.


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Tuesday through Saturday
Noon to Seven PM


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We’re a premier tattoo studio dedicated to exceptional tattooing and complete customer satisfaction. We have artists capable of any style or vibe you’re looking for. We believe in fun!


At BPT, we make it our purpose to guide you through each step of the piercing process with the utmost skill and care. We aim to provide excellence in the placement and jewelry of every piercing that we do!

Unique jewelrY

We offer an extensive selection of the latest and greatest piercing jewelry, ranging from Surgical Stainless Steel, Titanium, Gold, and even real Diamonds. Only the best for our clients.

Custom artworK

Bring us your ideas and we will help transform them into a unique and personal tattoo. Our artists have the experience you can trust!

Aftercare productS

We use industry leading aftercare solutions for all of our customers. Gone are the days of bulky covering techniques that will not allow you to show off your new artwork without exposing it to bacteria.

Tattoo removaL

If you’ve decided an old tattoo no longer serves you we also have laser removal! And we can replace it with something new!

Awards & Acheivements

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